Saturday Spillover: Doves, Dogs & Dawn

I guess by now you’ve probably noticed that my posts are often filled with more photos than words but the funny thing is, I don’t always use all of the pictures I upload for any given post, leaving me with a bunch of random leftovers on the server!

I can’t bring myself to delete them because they are usually good and deserving of posting, but for one reason or another I just don’t find a spot for them as I’m writing my daily posts. So I decided to give the leftovers their own Saturday posts which I’m dubbing the “Saturday Spillover” post.

Today’s spillover includes a photo of a collared dove in the aspen tree..

The pups all loaded up and ready to go mushing…

Our quaking aspen tree at dawn…

And finally, the dog sled racing signs I ordered from Etsy which will be finding a home on a pole outside the dog kennels this spring…

There, now I feel better having given these lost pictures a home! šŸ˜„

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Saturday.

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