They’re Baaaack

With all the snow we’ve been getting the pups have grown out their winter coats and look so pretty again. They are all fluffy and warm and shedding a lot less which is nice.

Of course now that the snow is here and they’re shedding less they don’t want to come inside as much! πŸ˜†

It’s a good thing they are snow dogs because we are getting plenty of it!

The swans haven’t been by for a few days now, probably because of all the snow. I am sure they’ve went somewhere else to find food and I hope they’ll be back again soon but who knows.

In their place, the starlings have returned to cause chaos and terror.

Mostly chaos for the little house sparrows who have to endure the starlings hogging the feeders while they hide in the pine tree and wait their turn.

And terror for me because they are very good at getting caught in the netting on the poultry pens so I end up having to cut a few dead ones down every year.

The netting does help keep them from swooping in and stealing all the chickens, pheasant and ducks food, though.

Speaking of swooping, the little hawk showed up this morning as I was giving the pups their morning eggs. He kept swooping down at them, trying to get the eggs away from them but failed. They didn’t seem at all fazed by it so I am guessing he’s done it before and I never noticed. πŸ˜„

And speaking of snow, I ran out of tissue paper for gift wrapping so I used some of the white, fluffy stuffing I use for bear making and it worked out pretty well.

It looks a bit like snow, so that works.

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