It Is Too Darn Cold!!

I have to preface this by saying as mushers we don’t mind the cold. We love living where it feels like we’re in a hot chocolate commercial in the Swiss Alps all winter long!

Our sled dogs, being from Siberia and all, actually run their best at between 0F and 20F. As their human companions (who are not from Siberia!), we do better when it’s a little bit warmer.

So we compromise and are all happy to run at between 20F and 30F.

That includes the windchill, btw.

I checked the cameras this morning as we were thinking about getting ready to load up and head out with the pack. I could see that there was plenty of snow on the mountain…

And plenty in the valley below…

Not to mention the most beautiful sunrise…

Then I checked the Turpin Meadow ranch cam and saw the temperature…


With the wind chill it was -10F which is TOO DANG COLD for us to be out, whether the pups like it or not! 🥶

So we ended up staying in and now we’re running them all on the treadmill instead. 😆

Maybe tomorrow….

6 thoughts on “It Is Too Darn Cold!!

  1. I love the cold when I’m running. Hate the summer. I have run in the teens but 20-30 F is better. Interestingly after 10 minutes or so my body is warmed up and I usually take off my gloves. I’ve been off 2 months due to recovery from a medical procedure but I have been walking. As long as we don’t have crazy wind.

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