All the Creatures Great and Small

Mother nature blessed us yesterday by sending a few of her own children over along with my own to help us celebrate Mother’s Day.

The mother robin made sure I caught her eye first thing when I opened the blinds on the upstairs bay window…

Once she had my attention she hopped up into the nest she made, which is right in plain view for me to see her hatch this year’s babies out. It’s a much better spot than where she built her nest the last two years, which was right next to the front door! 😄

The squirrels came to grab some peanuts I left for them and ended up playing in the yard all morning as I cleaned and cooked…

And the swallows have decided to build their nest in the garden nesting box, and were busily taking turns gathering things to nest build with…

We also had a trio of osprey’s fly over and circle around the property for a while this morning. I couldn’t get good photos with my phone but I could tell that’s what they were by their call. It’s very distinctive. The river isn’t far but we don’t usually see osprey over here so that was a treat. It was one of many Mother’s Day presents I received, even if it was a day late.

It was such a nice weekend, and I feel very blessed, but now it’s time to get back to the grind. Having an empty nest may mean that the hard part of mothering is passed, but homesteading work never ends.

I hope everyone else had a happy Mother’s Day, too! 😊

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