Finding the Right Fit

Poor little swallows. They came back to find their favorite nesting box empty. The sparrows already claimed the one close to the bay window that I have a view of so the swallows are left to either use the other one out in the garden or find somewhere better.

It will be interesting to see what they choose to do but for now, they’re just hanging out on top of the pole trying to decide.

I’m sure they’d love for me to kick the sparrows out but I’m not going to do that, they won the right fair and square.

The swallows let me get really, really close, though. They don’t seem afraid at all and didn’t last year, either. I could open the window and talk to them which was cool. They hung out with me all morning while I did some more work out in the yard and garden, cleaning up flowerbeds, planting radish seeds and getting ready for the 80 degree weather they’re calling for next week.

Just the thought of it already being that hot is… ugh.

I don’t do heat well, which is why we live in the arctic to begin with. My mast cells rebel big time in the heat so it’s a real challenge. My risk of anaphylaxing daily goes way up from spring through fall. It means I have to get in and out of the garden early in the day or do my work later in the evening, which is hard for me because by then I’m pretty knackered.

This year I’m trying out soaker hoses to see if that helps keep things watered instead of the sprinklers I’ve been dragging around. I feel like I’m losing a lot of water in the heat to sprinklers and a lot of energy is expended that I just can’t spare dragging the hoses around.

If they work, I’ll probably use them in as many beds as possible like the walking onions and asparagus…

I’d like to use more permanent drip lines like we have on the willows but until then, these should work.

Like the swallows, I’m always looking for the best fit for my needs.

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