Cautiously Optimistic

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason why I began gardening to begin with. I have grown to love it so much that it’s no longer just a necessity for my physical health but for my mental health, too.

I wake up every morning and can hardly wait to pull on my overalls and my gardening boots and head out the door because there’s something new and exciting happening out there every single day.

The apple trees are absolutely brimming with blossoms this year…

The asparagus is multiplying by the hour it seems…

And yesterday Freddy Jr. attempted crowing for the first time, which was adorable…

Everything is coming along nicely so far, like this oregano which has really taken off…

I know it’s still early in the season to be this optimistic, but I can’t help it. Every year has been better than the last, despite nature and my own body working against me. If things continue, this may be my best harvest ever!

Of course every gardener knows that things can change quickly. Still, I have to think that the blessings will continue as long as I put the effort in. 🌞

4 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic

  1. Things can change fast indeed! We had blackberry flowers galore, as usual. We get decent blackberries every year, sometimes bumper crops. Thought it would be the same, then within a week, in which we had a good amount of rain, almost all the berries have been ‘aborted’. It looks awful, like they burned to a crisp overnight. Asking around, can’t figure out what it is. A friend having same issue. (Gonna post some pics soon.) So disappointing!

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