And So it Begins…

I broke out my seed box and poked around to see what I have left from last year. I’ve tried to blot out the memory of last summer’s drought so I can move forward this year with a fresh outlook. It helps when you can actually get out there and plant seeds!

Some things I’ve got a jump on inside, including the basil and cherry tomatoes I’m growing in my Aerogarden.

Those can be transplanted outside when it’s time, and then I’ll load my little unit up with something different. I’m also going to have dozens of additional basil plants, thanks to all these cuttings I’ve taken. I want to pack my little greenhouse with herbs and flowers this year, so the more the better.

We cleaned up the brooder coop that had been shut up all winter and the girls are already laying a clutch in one of the boxes.

I figure we’ll give them until May or June to hatch out a few otherwise we’ll take over and break out the incubator. I’m hoping they are extra broody this year, being their second year now.

Time will tell… 🥚

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