Things Are Happening!

There’s a very small window between the snow melting here and the weeds shooting up to twelve feet tall. It happens in about a week, or at least it feels that way. One day the heater is running and the next the air conditioner because the temperatures fluctuate that much seemingly overnight.

But that’s Idaho and we love it. Most of the time. 🙄

I did see a hummingbird this morning when I opened the bay window blind; it was flitting around in the pine tree and I’m hoping it will build a nest there. The robins and doves and other birds have built them but I’ve never had a hummingbird nest close by, so that would be amazing.

I also watched the neighborhood squirrels running around like crazy, going back and forth from our yard to their forest of pine trees across the street where they live. They just come here to visit which is fine, we put food out for them, too, but I do worry they’ll get run over. Maybe they’ll decide to just move over to our pine trees once they’re big enough.

I packed up all my new plantings that I’ve collected so they’re ready to go out into the sunshine and fresh air a few hours a day to acclimate them before it’s time to plant them.

Three of them will be going down under the dining room window on the scorching hot hill since they are supposed to thrive on that sort of thing, but first they have to get big enough to have a chance at surviving the move.

So they’ll get babysat for a few weeks before they are ready. Speaking of ready, these raised beds are exactly that…

I’m planting the mini white and black pumpkins in them this year and those won’t go in the ground until the beginning of June, so they’ll be empty for awhile still.

The walking onions are springing right up though…

I am really impressed with these and hope that whole bed fills in with them. The strawberries also are growing new shoots, and seem to have survived just fine under the straw…

I’ve never grown strawberries so this is new. I need to figure out how to get new plants from them this year so I can have a whole field of them. Strawberries as far as the eye can see, disappearing into the horizon.

Or at least a few more to go with the original six. I’d be happy with that. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Things Are Happening!

  1. My strawberries are finally doing pretty good, took years of failures. I learned a trick in Finland—to plant them with asparagus. Have you heard of this? I read it a couple times after that, and apparently it’s pretty common. That’s how I have them now, seems to be working. Biggest problem is they both crowd up quickly, don’t like any weeds but can’t stand to be too over-mulched either, and so need lots of maintenance. It’s worth it though!

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    1. No, I haven’t heard of that! I might put some over with the asparagus as this is its third year so it should start filling in. There should be room on the ends of those planters for strawberries, though. I want lots of them!!

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