Chasing Ghosts

I couldn’t help noticing the little ghost-looking clouds in the sky yesterday, probably because ghosts are on my mind a lot lately.

Along with the cute little cheesecloth ghost I made recently, and the spooky chicken wire ghost girl I also made, we have more than a few pre-made Halloween ghosts here and there and everywhere outside this year, too…

They look great at night, all lit up, and compliment the various digital ghosts we’re using, including the awesome Boo Crew by AtmosFX, which I’ll upload a full video of soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to be doing some “ghost hunting” here locally. We have quite a few haunted attractions opening in the area along with some supposedly actual haunted places to visit, so I’m making plans for those adventures and of course will update here, especially if I find any real ghosts!

Unless, of course the ghosts find me first….

(cue spooky music)


4 thoughts on “Chasing Ghosts

  1. My favorite are the little ghosts around the tree.

    I follow a few urban explorers on Youtube, not looking for ghosts specifically, but just exploring old, abandoned places that are being reclaimed by nature. Janne Flinck is my favorite, he’s funny, his camera work doesn’t make me motion sick and he’s Finnish in Finland and nearby countries.

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