Fall, Finally

I woke up and checked the local webcams and much to my delight I found that fall is really here and the colors are finally changing! At least up the road. It’s still quite green down here in the valley.

Seeing that made me want to jump in the truck and head up the mountain to get some pictures, but that pretty much takes an entire day and I can’t just leave the pups home alone for that long. I also can’t take them out without the hubs since he’s the main musher and I’m just along for the ride. 😏

So my son and I decided to drive over to the local park in town and we took a nice nature walk instead…

I’ve found that I can escape for a couple hours in the afternoons without the pups noticing too much since that’s their nap time. Mornings and late afternoons/evenings is a whole other story, so one of us has to be around to play yard duty while they get their crazies out and to make sure they don’t figure out how to work the locks on the gates.

After all, they ARE huskies. πŸ˜„

It was so nice to get out, but I did find myself checking in on them through the webcams every few minutes, though.

You know, *just in case*.


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