Adventures in Halloween Decorating: Fun Spooky DIY Ghost

After seeing them floating (ahem) around the web, I’ve been wanting to make these adorable cheesecloth ghosts and yesterday I finally got around to doing it.

I used a handful of things to create this little spook:

  • balloon
  • liquid starch
  • wax paper
  • cheesecloth
  • black felt

I also needed some additional things like scissors, a tall, thick glass to put the balloon in (for height) and a bowl for the starch. Not to mention a mask and gloves to keep my immune system from rebelling. 🙄

Oh, and I also used a bit of tape to attach the balloon to the glass after finding it a bit unstable. And I ended up putting the glass and the balloon combo in a glass pie plate to help with the bottom form.

I think that’s about it!

The wax paper went down first, to protect the countertop. After dipping the cheesecloth in the liquid starch and then wringing it out, I draped it over the balloon, carefully spreading it out and then added a second layer.

Here’s how it looked:

I didn’t have wide enough pieces to use just one so I made sure there was enough to drape down nicely around the bottom by using two and adjusted the layers so they overlapped and filled in the gaps as best I could.

It dried pretty quickly – within a couple hours (I had the windows open and there was a light breeze so that helped). While I waited for that, I traced out the eyes on the black felt using a white chalk pen and a lid I found that was the right size for tracing (you can use whatever works):

Once the ghost was fully dry, I carefully lifted him from the wax paper, carefully pulled the balloon out and then used some clear glue to carefully attach the eyes.

And that was it! He was all done.

I would have made a few more but I only had a little bit of cheesecloth to work with. I’ve ordered some more so he can have some buddies later. I’ll probably do some different sized ones to go with this one.

It was really easy and fun to make so if you’re looking for a quick and easy diy Halloween project, I can definitely recommend this one based on my own experience.

And because he is just soo cute!! 🥰

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