Surprise, Surprise

Today has been full of surprises already! It started when I walked out the front door to find that the abandoned robin’s nest I moved last year from up in the window flower box was occupied, again.

She was surprised to see me, too, but didn’t move a muscle and just pretended to be invisible as I went on my way around the corner to the garden. At one point I had to come back and turn the water spigot on which is right under her so she flew into the pine tree and grumbled at me and that gave me a chance to do a quick peek to check her nest. Sure enough, there were beautiful blue eggs.

So I decided to just disconnect the hose from that spigot and move it to another one around back and we’ll try to avoid using the front door for a couple of weeks to give her a chance to hatch them out. We do get a lot of deliveries so I’ll have to put up a sign asking them to give her space I guess.

My next surprise came when I noticed that we have baby corn, pumpkins and cucumbers popping up already. I wasn’t sure if I was pushing it to go ahead and get the pumpkins and cucumbers in but they’ve sprouted and now I’ll just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get killed off if it gets too cold overnight or too hot during the day. It’s supposed to be in the 80s here today and in the 40s overnight for a few nights so we’ll see.

I have backup seedlings that are hardening off now anyway…

I’m using the antique cart for that and once I’ve transplanted everything hopefully I’ll get to the task of painting it and giving it a new top.

The heat is probably going to be hard on the pups who are still blowing out their winter coats so I filled their swimming pool with some cold, clean water.

It won’t stay clean for long though. 😆

That was a nice surprise for them and they all took turns jumping in and out of the pool, splashing me in the process. I didn’t mind, it was already quite hot out there and I was ready to come in.

On my way inside I happened to notice a plane crisscrossing the sky, leaving a white trail of condensation as it covered the entire valley. It’s not something I’ve noticed until this spring but it’s become a regular thing, especially on clear, cloudless days. Before long the sky was covered in a haze that will linger all afternoon.

Now I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t think they are spraying me with monkeypox mixed with fluoride and alien tech, but I do believe there is some geo-engineering going on up there of some sort.

As someone who watches the sky regularly it’s a bit hard to dismiss especially when it’s never happened here before and it’s happening regularly now. We aren’t in a main corridor for airplane traffic and I literally watched this one solitary plane do his thing all morning, crisscrossing the sky right before my eyes creating a hazy, dull sky in his wake.

And as someone with a compromised immune system, I do have to wonder what’s going on up there. Hopefully it’s not going to become a permanent thing as I like our blue skies and white, puffy clouds thank you very much! Hopefully it’s nothing too nefarious, although I do wonder. Of course I’ll just be called a crazy conspiracy theorist (not that it bothers me lol).

So yeah, surprise! 😡

2 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise

  1. Ug, so disgusting! Yes, not condensation at all, but what we ‘conspiracy theorists’ call ‘chemtrails’. Dane Wigington of says not to use that term because it confuses people, and rightly so, but I still use it b/c it’s so descriptive, because that’s what it is—chemicals dispersed into the sky in order to change the weather. Aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese, sulphur, and the list goes on. Their recent documentary ‘The Dimming’ which you can link from their site is free and well-worth the time to watch. They do testing at altitude and prove these aren’t simply condensation nuclei as the officials have been claiming for decades. This has been going on for 70+ years and now that it is much more widespread, global, it is getting LOTS of attention. Lots of attention that gets mostly ignored and has folks shaking their head and rolling their eyes at you when you try to point it out. Sorry to see they are screwing with your gorgeous skies now tooooo!

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    1. I was so angry to see it happening and I know people will dismiss it but a couple days ago normal airplane contrails were visible and looked nothing like this. Not to mention I watched this plane zig zag the valley and at one point he flew pretty low – it was unmarked all metallic (of course my camera battery had died by then). I’m sad that their campaign of propaganda has worked to make us look crazy but honestly I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me. I’m willing to be called names just for pointing out what is literally above our heads lol.

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