Close Call

Yesterday I was out in the play yard with the puppies when one of the red tailed hawks flew over, casting a menacing shadow onto the snow-covered ground like something out of a horror movie! 😯

So of course I hurried and got the babies to safety and then grabbed my camera, hoping to get some good shots of him when I saw he had landed in the pine trees across the street.

He perched up there for what seemed like forever.

I decided to hit the record button on my camera as soon as I sensed he was about to take flight and I’m glad I did because I was able to capture the scene just as it unfolded (these are the screenshots from the video I took).

I think it was a younger red tail, maybe their fledgling, and I guess they were fighting over territory or something. I watched for a while more until they flew off and then I went back out to let the babies back out to play.

Here’s the video:


Seeing that makes me not want to let those babies back out until they are full grown and able to fight back against these monsters! 😄

7 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. Wow. I like seeing hawks around here because they had disappeared along with the bald eagles from this part of the country. I know they are vicious predators, but it is nice to see nature coming back.


  2. Yes, be careful with your pups. We have a little wiener dog puppy, and we watch her when we put her in the backyard to do her business. There’s a red-tailed hawk that likes to patrol around our property from time to time, that I think would love to have a wiener for dinner.

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