A Frosty Greeting

When I woke up it was just before the sun rose and the sight that greeted me out of my bedroom window was beautiful beyond words.

The frost has returned.

I love the sight of a cold, frosty morning here. Especially when it’s this frosty.

I feel like if I am going to live where it’s wintery, I want it to look the part and not just feel it, you know?

I hurried up and did my rounds, feeding and watering and making sure all was well and good before I came back in to warm up my toes and nose.

I watched as the sun rose from my upstairs view in the bay window and just before it did, from across the street I noticed a flash of red wings as the flicker I’ve been feeding flew in from who knows where to land on top of a pine tree.

Then I noticed another one in the big poplar tree behind him! It was a bit farther than my zoom could see in the muted light, but I could tell what it was by the red on his tail.

In all, there were four within sight of my feeders this morning!

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, the hubs says they are just woodpeckers and woodpeckers are destructive.

I’m not sure about all that, I just think they’re beautiful birds. As beautiful as the early morning frost! 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Frosty Greeting

      1. I like to use an app called Merlin Bird ID to see what kinds of different birds we have, it’s amazing to me how all 4 of ours are woodpeckers but they look so different from one another.

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