The Goats

Most people come to my “backyard” to see the buffalo and the grizzly bears and the wolves and those are great, but my favorite critter to spot around here is the mountain goat.

They are just so cute!

We don’t see them too often but once in awhile they’ll be right there, either next to the road or right in the road like this guy was when we were headed to Jackson to watch the sled dog races a couple years ago.

This one was just hanging out right near the road when we drove down through Zion National Park, watching the tourists go by. 😄

I think I’m more fond of them because they remind me of Tuffy, the little goat we used to have when we first moved here.

He was such a character!

We can’t really keep goats or any larger livestock now that we have a sled dog team but I can’t say I haven’t been tempted. There were some on Craigslist earlier this year that almost convinced me I wanted another one…

I mean, come on now… does it get any cuter than that?!

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