One of Those Days!

Yesterday I was finally feeling fully recovered from the weekend but apparently the universe had plans to punish me for assuming things would go that easy. 🤨

I got a good night’s sleep the night before, and fell asleep watching the ice skaters at the town square ice rink in Jackson on the live cam..

I can’t wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks!

Then I woke up to my normal routine, with a couple of added steps and a detour. First, I drank a cup of coffee and took in the sunrise, as always, which was insanely beautiful. I was so happy when I noticed in the distance the tippy-top of the Grand Tetons out my 2nd story window again!

The neighbor’s trees usually block my view but since they’ve dropped their leaves and because the sky was clear, there it was, reminding me to feel appreciative that I’ve somehow made my way to live here next to these majestic mountains.

Of course we live in the cheap seats compared to folks in Jackson, but I’m okay with that!

Next, I chopped up an apple and scooped up some sunflower seeds to take out to the birds at my new feeding station (which they love, by the way!).

I had already filled the feeder again the night before and it seems like they’re draining it every couple of days.

Next I took food out to the babies because they are now in the outdoor heated kennel over night and they are weaning so it’s my job to bring them sustenance a few times a day. Not that I mind because I love puppy cuddles!

Plus, their mom is SO VERY mean to them so I have to counter balance that. 😄

Once that was finished I headed in for a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat before heading back out to feed and water everyone else.

And that’s when it happened. I heard a loud yelp! from the bedroom where I had left the indoor dogs (the ones who sleep in at night) and when I opened the door it was like a scene from a slasher movie! There was blood splurting everywhere, dogs were going crazy, chaos filling every inch of my bedroom (along with a lot of blood, did I mention blood?).

It took me a minute to figure out what had happened but apparently Draco had bit Rudy on the muzzle and for some reason it bled like a geyser even though it wasn’t a terribly bad bite. Rudy and Coda just have these really thick muzzles with alot of blood running through them apparently, so if they get wounded on their noses they both just pour blood like mad.

I’ll spare you the gory photos but it looked as bad as it sounds, believe me.

I got them all separated out, told Draco he was a bad boy, moved Rudy out into the empty indoor kennel across from the babies, cleaned his wound up and dressed it, calmed everyone else down who were by now freaking out wanting to see and to play doctor, too…


It was a good hour before I was able to get the blood all cleaned up and I still am finding splatter here and there. I can’t even describe just how much blood there was from one little wound.

We don’t have dog fights too often here, although they do happen, of course, but usually it’s just a lot of noise and some hurt feelings. Yesterday was one of the more extreme outcomes but Rudy is fine and his nose will heal from its puncture wound (long before I’m able to clean up all the blood probably!).

Good thing I’m not squeamish…

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