No More Snow?!

We are supposed to get up to 40F today (!) with rain showers and there’s no snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future, which means all this lovely snow we’ve had here since before Christmas is going to melt away leaving slush, mud and, if it freezes overnight, ice.


Not exactly ideal conditions for mushing. 😣

The pups will love it because I think they like playing in the mud puddles more than they do the snow but for me it means trading my snow boots for rain boots and mopping the muddy paw prints off the floors every time they come in and out.

At least they clean themselves like a cat so I don’t have to give baths! πŸ˜†

This morning I watched out my bedroom window as they were all egging on the horse next door to run and play with them, which was pretty cute.

The good news is, just up the road there is still plenty of snow to play in and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I checked the cameras for where we like to run them up at Alpine and Island Park and this was the view this morning:

Both places are supposed to get snow today and tomorrow.


It’s so nice to know it’s snowing somewhere close. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out to run this weekend and maybe even catch one of these sunrises in person with our new GoPro we bought for mushing.

Hopefully the snow will return down here, too, as I love going up to Island Park or Alpine but I also quite enjoy being able to just run the dogs around the neighborhood with the sled!

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