Early Birds

We are supposed to get snow in a couple days and there’s always a chance at this time of year that it will be here to stay and not melt away. It was certainly cold enough to keep snow from melting this morning!


The girls were already done laying by the time I went out, and were waiting patiently in their tunnel for me to let them in the pasture. I gathered exactly a dozen eggs and shared them all with the pups.

The sun had risen but the sky had a dark, almost dusk-like quality to it which gave a mood to the whole morning.

That combined with the frost made everything look more beautiful than usual.

I came back in from tending to the domesticated birds to fill the window feeder for my little house sparrows who were anxiously awaiting my return.

As soon as I finished filling their feeder I heard the now familiar sound of the swans flying over the house, honking as they passed. They’re migrating every morning and every evening it seems, and we just happen to be in their flight path.

Of course I had already put the good camera away, and of course it’s the only one that is capable of taking good pictures of these magnificent birds in flight, but I promised myself that this evening I’d sit and watch for them to go by and hopefully I’ll be able to get some better photos of them.

Being an early bird around here doesn’t guarantee good shots of migrating swans, apparently. 😄

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