And They Just Kept Coming…

Last night I wasn’t expecting to see them but I positioned myself near the window about a half hour before sunset just in case… and my timing couldn’t have been better!

Within a few minutes I spotted them in the distance and soon a few trumpeter swans flew by…

They were pretty far off, though, but soon another bigger flock flew by…

And another…

They just kept coming!

Most of them flew juuuust far enough away that my camera wasn’t able to zoom up on them very well, but a few flew right over the house.

They came by so fast it was hard to keep up!

There must have been a hundred or more total and I finally stopped taking pictures after about an hour of watching them go by.

I’ve never seen so many swans in my entire life!

I wondered where they’re all headed….

According to my research they are probably going up to the Henry’s Fork area.

I may have to talk the hubs into taking a road trip to find out! 🤔

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