Mourning Kerfluffle

The mourning dove is still in her nest, just to the right side of the upstairs bay window in the pine tree. It’s a popular spot for all the visiting birds to hang out while they take turns bathing in the little pond below.

This morning I was trying to get a good look at the dove when suddenly a brightly colored goldfinch appeared and posed for the camera.

“Make sure you get my good side!” he seemed to say.

The goldfinch is a migratory species that visits this time of year. I read that during winter they are dull and drab looking so I guess he was showing off his summer colors for me.

Just as I put the camera down the mourning dove shot out of her nest and let him know under no uncertain terms that he was in her territory and to back the heck off mister.

Which he did, for a minute.

She settled right back down into her nest and he flew down to the old plow handle to wait his turn at the pond.

I could hear the momma robin in her nest under the left bay window chirping sternly at him to watch himself (!) and I couldn’t help but chuckle. She’s been fighting off collared doves all week but now her and the other expectant mother were on the same team, regardless of species. Moms have to stick together!

It wasn’t the only kerfluffle involving mothers this morning, though. We may have to rearrange the dogs in the pens because Sassy has become quite moody now that she’d becoming a mother, too. Her and Zoomie like to fuss at the fence loudly and ferociously as if they are mortal enemies.

Once we let them in together they are best of friends again but It has upset the harmony of the pack and creates a lot of drama. Especially at seven in the morning when even the neighborhood roosters are quiet.

We try not to be “those” neighbors and do our best to keep the peace here. Literally.

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