A Day At The Falls

One of our favorite places to run the sled team in both winter and summer is near Mesa falls just outside of Ashton, Idaho. It’s also one of our favorite places to go for a day trip in the car.

It’s about fifteen miles from the border of Yellowstone park and it’s usually not crowded when we go which is nice since the falls in the park are usually hard to enjoy because there are so many people trying to get a good view.

I love that these falls aren’t used for hydroelectric or any other power supply so as to keep the area pristine and as natural as possible.

You can hear the falls long before you reach them, which adds to the excitement.

Once you get a glimpse of them, you realize just how powerful falling water can be! I always walk away with a renewed respect for nature.

Lower Mesa Falls is popular with kayakers who have a death wish (apparently).

There’s a nature trail that we haven’t been on yet because until recently I’ve always been too sick to do much walking, especially in the heat, so I’m trying to talk the hubs into taking me back now that I’m feeling much better so we can check it out.

Hopefully we’ll get up there to do that soon!

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