Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

Our neighbors are putting up a new fence along the property line to the south of us. When they first moved in they introduced themselves and immediately apologized that it would take them awhile to be able to replace the old, dilapidated fence that has been there since we moved in over a decade ago.

We insisted that we didn’t mind the old fence, and we meant it. Sure, it was old and worn and in need of a new coat of red paint, but there was also something really charming about it. We both love the old farm look and that old fence fit right in.

It made a perfect backdrop for the lilacs.

While it is their fence, we did the neighborly thing and offered to pay for some of the material along the shared property line but they said no so we offered to help build the new fence and they were happy to have the extra hands. So if there is a break in the rain tomorrow we’ll pitch in.

They’d already started before the rains came and we were pleasantly surprised to find that instead of a wood picket they chose to go with galvanized metal.

So we’ll still get that old timey, farm house look which also makes a perfect backdrop for the lilacs that are just starting to bloom.

I’m not sure if it will get too hot for them, though, but we’ll find out soon enough. We may have to trim them back a bit away from the metal if it does.

Before we had a chance to ask them what they planned to do with all the old fencing, they offered it to us and we gladly accepted!

Most of our coops and pens and other homestead stuff is made using recycled materials so it’s definitely going to find some good use here. Maybe we’ll build an addition to the coop or a little house for that goat we’ve been talking about getting.

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