In The Garden: Tulip Heaven

I am in tulip heaven but I am also more than a bit sad that the layer of white “snow” which made our tulips pop is a no-show this year. My beautiful and fragrant alyssum all died off in the hard freeze we had awhile back, just as it was beginning to wake up for spring. 😦

I really miss it!

My tulips all came back in, though, and are as lovely as ever.

I spent the morning weeding their beds and did a fair job of it before it got too hot and the wasps came out, forcing me to retreat back into the safety of my wasp-free zone. The entire time I was out there, the momma robin stayed quietly in her nest above my head while her mate kept a close eye on me from afar.

I think they are getting used to the idea that I’m not a baby snatcher after all. I just want to cohabitate with them peacefully and am happy to share any worms I may find that come up with the pulled weeds.

A few years ago we planted early and late bloomers to stretch out the short time we get to enjoy the tulips, and that worked out beautifully. We still have some that are just starting to bud while others have long since died off.

I told the hubby that I almost hope we get some real snow to make up for the lost alyssum and he said I shouldn’t say that outloud in case the universe is listening!

There’s just something so beautiful about tulips in snow, though, even if it’s simulated, so I am definitely going to plant more alyssum seed this year. But I’ll only be doing that once I know the threat of another hard freeze has passed since I don’t want to risk killing any more!

I’m not even planting my food garden seedlings yet just to be safe!

We still have a couple weeks until we are past the last frost date according to our local nursery owner who I spoke to last weekend. She was very sympathetic to our various garden losses so far this year and suggested we be patient.

What’s that saying about patience being a virtue?

Yeah. Well, I hope it’s not a prerequisite for getting into actual heaven because at the rate I’m going…. 🙂

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