Enjoy the Process

Gardening isn’t just about the end result, although it’s definitely part of the appeal. The reward of bushels full of food and bouquets of beautiful flowers to gather at the end of the summer is great, but I like the entire journey.

Getting from here to there is the best part, if you ask me!

From these early spring days when it’s still chilly outside when you head out to the garden in the morning, to seeing the first robins appear to starting flower seedlings in the greenhouse…

I spent most of the weekend barefoot, just enjoying the green grass beneath my feet once again and reveling in the warm spring weather. I was so grateful to be able to spend so much time out there with the hubs, getting all sorts of things done. He is such a huge help to me!

He moves all the heavy stuff for me, like my antique flower stand which I filled with more of the artificial flowers I bought just to use them up…

He made a little pedestal for it to sit on out of extra stones he had after he made another little patio by the chicken coop. Now we can sit in the shade together and chat with the girls while they lay eggs for us.

He also helped me pull the antique cart around to position it better for using to pot flowers again…

The afternoon shade it casts means I can be out there longer, as long as I can stay out of the direct sunlight. We set up another flower potting table using some old fence boards nearby, so I can have two areas to work at. Which is good because I’m doing a lot more flowers this year (hopefully). I said that last year but then the drought and heatwave decided otherwise.

Ah well, I can always hope for this year. That’s the best part about gardening. You never know what the season will bring!

Which is why we should enjoy the process. It’s a mystery every year. 🌞👒🌻

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