Riding it Out

Yesterday was calm and beautiful again, right until after sunset, but the winds finally came overnight. They howled at the doors and windows and threatened to rip the shingles off the roof. The snow hasn’t come just yet but it’s on its way. In the meantime, I’m shutting all the blinds and curtains and will try to stay busy so as not to focus on the brutal assault mother nature is waging out there.

I hope the little birds have found somewhere safe to ride out the storm. I did my best to make sure their feeders were overfilled so they could stock up and they were back again yesterday, taking turns at the window. I spotted them before I even opened the blinds…

The finches are a lot friendlier, or less afraid of me getting close at least. I wouldn’t call them friendly, exactly, but they don’t seem to mind my taking their pictures as long as I stay a respectable distance away.

It’s amazing that such delicate looking creatures can survive out there!

Storms do have a way of making me feel a bit more humble and thankful for the blessing of a sturdy “nest” to shelter in. I wouldn’t survive long out there on my own, that’s for sure!

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