While We Slept

The snow fell all night, or rather blew in sideways with the wind. We woke up to find all the paths we’d plowed were re-buried again and a few flurries still flying around in the air.

There was very little stirring out there all morning, so it was eerily quiet. Even the pups stayed hidden away in their barrels and indoor kennels and didn’t come out until well after breakfast.

Outside the window the feeder was being guarded by a flock of starlings who decided to move in on the sparrows and finches.

I decided not to encourage them so I left the dish empty. They are pretty, though…

I also decided to wait to go collect eggs because I don’t feel like risking life and limb to go out there as the snow is already falling harder (or rather blowing sideways harder) now, just in the time it has taken me to write this post!

As you can see, it will be lots of fun digging a path to the nesting boxes.

The thing is, you can’t really leave eggs for too long, at least not with our flock, because eventually one or more will start breaking them open and then they’ll get a taste of it and might become an egg eater. It has happened to us before when the box got over filled with eggs and one rolled out and cracked. So we want to avoid that because the last thing we need is competition from the chickens over their own eggs! 😂

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