Underneath It All

Underneath that icy cold blanket of frozen whiteness life is waiting patiently to return. It is far more patient than I am. It will come back at exactly the right time, in due time.

First, tiny shoots of green will appear and then a sudden explosion of spring wildflowers will follow. The trees will fill in and the baby deer and elk and moose will be frolicking about in the meadows. The tourists will return and the fly fishermen, too.

I particularly love the fly fishermen (and women).

Every few yards they will be out there in their fly fishing gear, gracefully throwing their lines over the waterways which are empty for now still…

There is something so calming and almost ethereal about watching the local fly fishermen. I could spend hours doing just that, completely mesmerized by their skills. The only thing that captures it is the movie “A River Runs Through It”. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it for the visuals alone. It captures our “backyard” perfectly.

It’s really quite magical here. It’s hard to explain until you’ve been.

It’s just one of many reasons why we endure these long, brutal winters.

4 thoughts on “Underneath It All

  1. I love Montana! I strongly considered moving there in my 20’s, but I wanted to try living in the big metropolis of Seattle first. I’m glad I got to experience Seattle like it was back then in the mid-late 1990s, now it sucks, and we keep moving farther and farther North. We’re seriously considering British Columbia now, but if we decided to stay in the US, the Idaho Panhandle and Northwest Montana would be strong contenders.

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    1. We love northern Montana. I worked at a trendy little spa in Kalispell for a couple years. It’s beautiful up there!! We lived in Washington state for a few years and we were also glad to have been there in the 90s and got out when we did.

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