Somehow We Keep Going

It’s been another brutal few days of heavy snow and lethal cold. Yet somehow we all keep going because that’s what you do.

It’s easy for the pups; they were literally bred for this arctic cold. I have yet to see one of them shiver for any reason other than being excited. πŸ˜„

Me, on the other hand, find myself shivering more these days than ever. I can’t seem to keep warm. I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic or what because I am getting anxious for spring. So I put on my gloves and socks and sit with my feet over the register so the warm air of the central heating can blow on them and watch the birds out the window.

I wonder how they heck they do it. πŸ€”

Hopefully my little contribution via the bird feeders help them get through times like this. I think it does, because they keep coming back which means they aren’t dead (obviously lol)…

We kind of keep each other going as their daily visits keep me entertained and sane as we get through these last few weeks of winter. It’s much better than watching mindless tv or reading the news.

Their presence and the fact that they can survive reminds me that if they can do it, so can I!

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