This is Idaho in Winter

Our “backyard” is picture postcard beautiful this time of year. The snow and ice have settled on everything and makes looking out at the otherwise bleak landscape much more pleasant and palatable.

It’s still deadly cold, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. I always say it’s like living in a Bob Ross painting.

We seem to be getting plenty of snowpack so hopefully the fishing will be good this spring in the rivers, streams and reservoirs.

Spring still seems so far off and it is, really. Especially considering the fact that for us spring’s arrival on the calendar doesn’t necessarily mean the end to all this cold and ice and snow.

It’s a good thing I love nothing more than to get out there and drink in Idaho in winter because honestly, there’s nothing quite like it. Well, except maybe just on the other side of the Tetons. Wyoming in winter over there is just as pretty…

4 thoughts on “This is Idaho in Winter

  1. Love these photos. It looks chilly…but warms my heart as if I was sitting in front of the fireplace! I was born in Boise. My dad and his family were born and raised in Bruneau, and as a child so many wonderful memories from Fairfield where we lived on a ranch there . Idaho holds a special place in my heart

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