I’ll never get over the beauty of the sunrise out my window, especially when it looks like this. The sky becomes a living painting and I love nothing more than to wake up in time to watch as the invisible hand of our Creator expertly arranges the colors for us mere mortals to gaze upon as we start our day.

Yet, many people I know seem as impressed by it as the sparrows are…

Or as Sassy is…

She’s way more interested in things that interest her like her toys or chasing the sparrows outside.

I stopped talking about my love of all things nature to a lot of people a long time ago because they genuinely don’t seem to care about much else except whatever material things our society is producing and promoting. It’s kind of sad but I guess it’s their loss.

I’ll just be over here admiring the view…

4 thoughts on “Oblivious

  1. I love your photos and appreciate so much your love of nature and nature photography! But, those great sunsets are not from our Creator, they are from barium, strontium, aluminum and loads of other toxic pollution created by man and dispersed into the atmosphere and causing loads of illness . Sorry, I hate being the rain on this parade, though I’m used to it by now.

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      1. They were spraying here all day yesterday and last night, posting some photos later. I think I’ve seen ones like you mention. I’ve described some before as looking like shards attracted to a magnet, which makes sense when you read how they are moving/modifying the weather fronts and atmospheric rivers.
        Anyway, you take gorgeous photos and I love to see them!

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      2. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of our sunsets being so beautiful because of what they’re spraying but that makes sense! Oh and everyone had a bad headache yesterday, even friends across town. Hmmm!


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