Backyard Walktoberfest

Last week I took one too many nature walks, apparently, so I’ve been paying for it these last few days. Was it worth it? Well, the jury is still out on that, but I did get some lovely fall photos at least. I can still enjoy a good “walktoberfest” because the colors are changing quickly right here in my own yard.

This morning I was able to get enough medicine in me to feel well enough to get out there and visit with the pups and see the birds. I’m glad we kept a few of the pheasants, they are just sooo pretty.

I did have to wear my dark sunglasses because the bright light makes my eyeballs go all twitchy and watery still and I am *supposed* to wear my n95 mask to help keep all the airborne triggers away but I’m a rebel (I hate that thing!) and plus I don’t want to look like the crazy lady who’s masked up all alone in my own yard. 🙄

So I hit my inhaler instead before I headed out.

Even with the sunglasses on the fall colors were quite lovely. The big maple tree is just starting to drop its leaves which will add to the overall Halloween look we’ve got going on out front…

While I was out there looking at what’s left of the garden, I noticed that there were still a lot of pumpkins in the back pumpkin patch that were ripe and ready to go.

I was surprised at how many, actually, since I harvested at least twice that amount already and had figured what was left wouldn’t have time to ripen before the freeze came. I was proven wrong because these not only ripened but none seemed at all bothered by our overnight lows! I grabbed as many as I could and piled up some of the dead and dying vines before I knew to stop because I was pushing my limits.

So there’s a few more pumpkins to puree and also plenty more to scatter around in the graveyard.

Speaking of graveyards and all things Halloween-y, we’ve got tickets to Planet Doom for this weekend. It used to be called Dr. Slaughter’s (I prefer that name) and it’s been a family tradition to go since we moved here but because of my stupid disease I haven’t been in a few years and I’m determined to not miss out this time!

Have I mentioned I love all things scary and Halloween-y?

So I need to take it easy because for one, I don’t want to miss out again, and two, these tickets are non-refundable! 😄

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