Label Everything!

I’m not a huge fan of labeling people and I really dislike the cultural trend of assigning more and more labels to everyone but when it comes to keeping things organized here at our little homestead? Labels are definitely in.

Not only that but in most cases, they are necessary.

Not always, though. Some things I’ve bought probably didn’t need labels but with the way my mastocytosis-induced brain fog is nowadays they might come in handy in a few years if and when I have full blown dementia. 😭

It kind of reminds me of when I was little and we made fun of my career Navy father who had one of those label makers and went around labeling everything in our house. Like, literally everything. We teased him about not labeling the label maker itself so guess what he did? Yep, it got one, too.

Now I get it, Dad! 😆

I had to order some more labels because I need to get on top of all these jars I’ve been filling with my dehydrated goodies…

I can pretty much tell what each one is by looking at them when it comes to the food stuff, but the flowers I got for soap and candle making aren’t as easy since there are so many of them (fifteen in the little spice jars and more in my kit!).

I kept the labels from the packages they came in so until I can get them done I can just match the flower to the picture on the baggie…

But even those don’t exactly help since I have no idea what some of them are (helichrysum bracteatum is apparently the “straw flower’ from Australia!). 😄

These were a gift from my sister-in-law and while it was very sweet of her to load me up on all these dried flowers I’m not even sure I’ll be able to use most of them because of my mast cell disease.

If not, at least they look pretty sitting in their little soon-to-be labeled jars! I think my dad would be proud…

3 thoughts on “Label Everything!

  1. I used to tell my beginning language students, for all the new vocabulary you want to learn, put a label there in that language—on your sink, your wall, your utensils, anywhere—you’ll learn that vocab just in time for the quiz! 🙂

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