Spring, Finally

It actually feels like spring out there today! The flowers are blooming, including the lovely little purple weeds which have really taken to the new garden beds we tilled and furrowed last fall. Too bad I’m allergic to them because they are quite beautiful and make for a nice segue into “real” flower blooming season.

The tulips are starting to open up here and there…

These are my early bloomers. Each year I’ve been planting different tulip bulbs that pop up in succession all the way until June.

I’m trying to get the flower beds to stay blooming every month until fall, which is a bit of a challenge but these tulips definitely help kick things off.

I opened up the tunnel and let the girls out to stretch their legs in the pasture for a little while today.

It’s growing back in nicely and I want to give it more time to fill in but I also don’t want the flock to be cooped up for too long or they start being mean to each other.

So I figured a couple hours would give them time to get out, enjoy the beautiful spring day and then they’ll get put back up with a new flock block or some fresh straw to dig around in to keep them happy while the pasture continues to fill in.

In the meantime, they can take some dirt baths and eat some bugs…

I noticed the broody hens are still sitting with no signs of life hatching under them…

It’s day 23 since I first noticed them sitting so if they don’t hatch by tomorrow, I’ll clear out their clutches and let them start over. We may have to start candling or even incubating eggs ourselves if they can’t get the job done. We definitely want some chicks to raise and sell!

Okay, enough rambling, time for some lunch and then back out to pull weeds! 🌷

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