Let’s Be Rational Here

We put in an order for a pallet of dog food at our local feed store a few weeks ago and they finally called to let us know that they can deliver it next week, which is a ginormous relief.

With everything going on in the world the last thing I want to worry about is feeding these pups, otherwise they might see ME as food! 😆

The good news is that a pallet now consists of 40 bags instead of 26, which means it will last us for months, but it comes at a hefty cost (around $1500). We only feed them meat based, high protein kibble formulated especially for working dogs (which they are, technically) and supplement with our own backyard farm-raised meat and eggs as well as a variety of things from our garden (they especially love pumpkins!).

During hunting season they get spoiled and get treated to fresh elk, deer and the occasional moose bones. We don’t share the meat itself with them much, that we save for ourselves. This year, however, we might have no choice but to share it, too, depending on how things go with the food supply and inflation, etc.

It’s really difficult to imagine what it’s like to face an uncertain future with young children but in a way we are in a similar position because these little souls are counting on us to provide for their needs every single day and we owe it to them to do our very best to do just that because we chose to bring most of them into the world.

The others became part of our family from the moment we adopted them.

Up until now we’ve been free feeding them because that’s something you can do with huskies; they will only eat when they’re hungry, generally, and will leave a bowl of food sitting for hours if they aren’t. So they self regulate their food intake. Unless of course they are jockying for a higher rank in the pack and want to use food as a tool to move up in the pecking order.

But even then they mostly just stand at the feeder and pretend to eat, just to make the others jealous. 😄

I’ve been thinking it’s time to maybe start rationing their food, though, and giving a little more thought to making sure we can stretch this pallet as far into the future as possible because who knows what things will look like in six months or so when it’s time to restock.

I’m not so worried about the cost, but more about just being able to get it again since this last time it took so long for the supply chain to get it to us.

Next time, it may not get to us at all. 🤨

That also makes me think maybe we should start practicing food rationing, too, just so if things get really bad we won’t be in for a huge shock if we are forced into rationing the way our grandparents were during the hard times they faced way back when. There’s something comforting about the idea of being preconditioned towards doing okay with less.

Even if it means eating one less pumpkin pancake. Or not sharing our pancakes with the pack.

I found some great advice on how to ration, including measuring out portion sizes, using less meat in recipes and getting creative with leftovers. Of course I have special needs because of my mast cell disease so I can’t eat leftovers unless I freeze them immediately first, but it’s totally doable.

Someone also mentioned fasting and how important it is to practice fasting once a week or so in order to help your body not go into shock if food ever gets scarce. Plus it helps to keep the weight off, which rationing will do, too, if done right.

A fellow gardener I watch went so far as to do an “Apocalypse Challenge” where he only ate what he grew or could barter and forage for 30 days.

It was interesting and rather eye opening.

We are somewhat fortunate in that we live in the country and not in the city and we are just a few miles from some of the best hunting and fishing in the world, so if we had to we could definitely find food. Not to mention most of our neighbors are Mormon and they are stockpiling plenty of things we can barter with them if the need arises.

My main concerns will be if they start messing with our power or if (when) gas prices get so high we can’t afford to run our generator, rototiller, etc.

It’s pretty surreal to be thinking this way but something deep inside me just keeps telling me it’s the right direction to be pointed in, and I honestly have no fear about the future. The truth is, I have a lot of faith in God to get us all through and he tells us not to fear.

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

Psalm 118:6

“Be prepared, not scared” is definitely the way to be!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Be Rational Here

  1. I live in a small city across the street from an abandoned glass factory. Our soil is contaminated, so gardening is out of the question. I have a large food supply on hand, but i will be in trouble if our power supply is cut. I would lose all the meat in my freezer.

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      1. Hmm. Well, if I were you, I’d make sure I made friends with folks who garden and I’d want to be the one with lots of things stored back that I could barter with others who are growing fresh food if I had to. Trading things like toothpaste and tin foil for veggies and fruit is always a great back up plan!


  2. I think it’s true: Necessity is the Mother of Invention! I love getting creative with whatever is available in season from the garden or our home-stores. I don’t do fasting or go the extreme like the guy in the vid, but I totally approve of their efforts! It’s great to see what folks are capable of! I find myself really studying up on herbalism and traditional healing—plants are just so fascinating and there’s so much to learn that has been all but lost with a century plus of ‘Rockefeller medicine’.

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    1. True story; after being sick since just after birth, I was FINALLY dx’d with mastocytosis and then I went through months of hell trying one pharmaceutical after another only to keep getting worse! It wasn’t until I turned to “alternative” medicine and started using pure, powdered formulas to stabilize my mast cells that I learned way more than I ever wanted to know about it all and realized it’s probably western medicine that made me sick to begin with. Makes me so angry!!

      So yeah, I’m totally with you there and I owe my life right now to a healthy diet and plant based medicine.


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