Firmly Planted

I’ve been having zero luck lately with trying to convince the hubs that we need to radically upgrade our entire lives and I’m not quite sure why he is so resistant to my brilliant ideas (like getting a herd of yaks and buying a dairy farm in Wisconsin).

So I’ve given up and resigned myself to my little one-acre homestead with my pack of adorable sled doggies, for now at least. He did say if we win the lottery he’ll rethink the buying a dairy farm thing, but it has to be here and we can’t raise yaks for yak milk there. I’m not holding my breath.

We don’t even buy lottery tickets! 😄

To take my mind off daydreaming, I decided to spend the afternoon pulling weeds and planting seeds. The wasps are already out and I didn’t feel like risking my life out there all alone so I brought all my stuff inside to fill my seed trays.

I started with a few flowers (geranium, marigold, alyssum) and then moved on to my herbs (thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro and mint) before finishing up with a lot of nasturtium since I’m wanting to plant it here and there and everywhere as a companion plant for my veggies.

I’m not starting any of the veg inside this year, they did better growing straight from seed in the beds last year so why mess with a good thing, you know?

Willow and Dee Dee (we renamed her after Dee Dee Jonrowe, our favorite Iditarod musher) kept me company while I worked, or rather kept me busy trying to train them on proper indoor husky etiquette. Things like don’t shred the couch, don’t eat my carpet and don’t climb into the bathtub unless you actually want a bath (they decided they didn’t!).

Willow spent quite a while completely enthralled with her own reflection in the window…

At first I thought she was bird watching since the little house sparrows were all over out there, grabbing food from the windowbox feeder, taking baths in the little pond and sunning themselves on the warm rocks down below her…

She didn’t seem to notice them at all and just admired herself until she crashed out next to her sister on the couch. So much for all the money I spent on fancy dog beds which go completely unused by these pups! 😄

That gave me plenty of time to finish up, clean up and then set the seed trays up on the table by the window in the dining room. It’s the south facing side and gets tons of sunlight all day long, so it’s perfect for seed sprouting.

I do wish I had more windows on that side of the house so I could put even more seed trays out, at least until we get the heater set up in the little green house. We still need to run electricity out to it and we want to do it safely so as not to burn the place down.

My neighbors have the perfect house for seedling sprouting, and to be honest I wish I could talk the hubs into just moving us over there so I could take advantage of all those windows!!

I’m sure if I brought up the idea to him he would say no and point out that (a) their house isn’t even for sale and (b) those windows face north, which is terrible for sprouting seeds. 🙄

He’s just not a visionary like I am!

6 thoughts on “Firmly Planted

  1. I can’t seem to get marigolds going from seed, ever. What’s your special trick?? I tried a little experiment this year with my seed trays and on half of them I didn’t use plastic, just to see. Instead I spritzed the surface with a spray bottle every day, sometimes multiple times a day whenever it looked dry. It did not work! Just fyi, in case you ever want to test that practice!

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