Taking Refuge

We spent the last three days in Jackson Hole, mostly for the local dog sled races, but also just to take in the sights and eat a lot of delicious food. We had some buffalo prime rib and we also did a little shopping while we were there.

Window shopping, mainly. 😄

The drive over was fun and the views were incredible, as always. As we got into Teton Village we were greeted by the biggest snowman I’ve ever seen…

While we were there we took a sleigh ride out to see the elk at the national elk refuge just north of town.

It was such a great experience! We saw so many huge bulls up close and got to learn a lot about them from our guide.

The temperatures were down in the minus zero numbers which made it challenging, especially on the night of the races themselves, but we did our best to stay warm and as always, we really enjoyed ourselves.

It was nice to get back to our hotel with the cozy fireplace!

For most of the trip we drove around the area and took a lot of photos before heading back over the mountain to come back home.

Our next trip will be in the spring and I can’t wait! Hopefully it will be just a little bit warmer then. ☺

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