Fun Run

We did manage to take our pups out yesterday, despite us both just really wanting to stay in a take a long nap after the long weekend. We felt like we owed it to the pack after leaving them behind while we went off and had fun without them. 😄

Being a Monday, we figured we’d miss most of the snowmobilers but there were quite a few out on the trail, to our surprise.

We passed about twenty of them going back and forth but everyone was super courteous and we had no issues with them. I think by now they know to watch for us since we share the same trails.

The pups were sure happy to be out…

We often get asked if we race them and we always answer no, we just do it for fun. Maybe someday we’ll enter the Ashton races but in order to have a chance at winning we’d have to train daily and we just don’t have the ability to do that at this time.

Our pups are basically just weekend warriors, which is fine with us. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fun Run

  1. I love that you just love them and have them for that simple reason alone, sometimes I get really tired of the ‘everything is a competition’ mindset. Dancing, cooking, dating, good grief, it’s ridiculous we have to make everything a competition!

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