Now We’re Cookin’! Super Easy (somewhat) Homemade Butter (Part One)

I have this gorgeous antique butter churn which is around a hundred years old and which I absolutely love. I keep my potatoes in a burlap sack in it and use it for looks, but I’m pretty sure that someone, at some point, used it to actually churn actual homemade butter.

I honestly can’t imagine using it for that (and hope to never have to find out!) but it’s in good enough condition it probably could be used for its original intended purpose.

I came across a method for making (somewhat) homemade butter using heavy whipping cream so I thought I’d give it a try just for fun, even though a) it actually costs more to make this way and b) I can’t eat a lot of dairy thanks to my wonky mast cells. I can have a few bites though, if I’m careful with timing my medicines, so I’ll take the risk later to find out if it was worth the effort.

I mean, if I have to go into anaphylaxis what better reason for it than (somewhat) homemade butter, right?! 🙂

It actually wasn’t a lot of work, but it did take quite a while to go from this…

To this…

Here’s how I did it.

The process took around a half an hour, so while I waited for the mixer to do the work for me I broke out the bread machine to make (somewhat) homemade bread to go with it.

Pretty soon, I was left with a large ball of butter to rinse off in cold water…

And then to roll and put in the fridge…

And of course I shared the leftover buttermilk with the pups…

Now I’m waiting on the bread machine to work its magic while the butter chills and I’m also making a pot roast with some grass fed beef we bought a couple weeks ago.

In the meantime, I have to cut up what’s left of an elk the neighbor so kindly donated to us so the pups can have the bones so that will keep me busy until everything is ready for supper.

I’ll post an update on how it all turns out, so stay tuned for part two… 😊

4 thoughts on “Now We’re Cookin’! Super Easy (somewhat) Homemade Butter (Part One)

  1. I absolutely love your antique butter churn and the idea of using it to store your potatoes is brilliant! I feel a soulful connection to the women who may have used an antique item during their lifetime. Kind of like a sisterhood.

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