A Spooky Good Start

We don’t have any extreme weather in the forecast between now and Halloween so we decided to go ahead and start putting out some of the decorations.

Of course now that will signal to the universe to send a freak storm our way… 😄

While the hubs was out… how shall I put it nicely… acquiring free range venison the old fashioned way for our freezer, our son and I set up the graveyard…

…and propped up a nice, big, dead tree branch next to it to put the spider on.

Then we strung the purple and orange lights on the droopy tree next to the garage and covered it in spiderweb for maximum effect.

It was harder than it looks to get the lights just right but they should look great and I can’t wait to see it all lit up this evening!

Speaking of lights, I ordered these porch light bulbs that look like fire when they are turned on. We’ve had them up for several days and I love the effect! Of course they needed some cobwebs, too, just to make them spookier.

It also hides my “NO SOLICITING” sign that everyone ignores anyway. Maybe they’ll pay attention to the “GO AWAY” one above the talking raven, but I doubt it.

I was going to get a fog machine but instead found a mister that should work with the pond, so I’m anxiously awaiting that to come in the mail along with a few other goodies I ordered.

Speaking of spooky, those daisies are STILL BLOOMING! Weird.

I still have a lot of things I plan to add, like my cute little trick-or-treaters I set out but brought back in…

I don’t want to hex myself too much because, as I said already, the universe has a way of punishing me for thinking I can get away with believing the weather forecasters!

It’s like a sick game and I usually end up losing, but oh well. Maybe this time the spirits of Halloween are on my side.

Hopefully next week I’ll get the rest done and put up pictures of what it looks like at night when it’s all lit up. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Spooky Good Start

  1. Look forward to seeing it all lit up. It looks great and I’m in awe of your mental energy think of all that. Mind you, here in the UK we don’t do Halloween as you do in the US so that may have something to do with it. My childhood Halloween consisted mainly of dipping for apples, playing games and telling ghost stories. No Trick or Treat (for which I’m grateful as I do’t like the custom) and then church next morning to pray for the dead.

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  2. Thanks! I love Halloween but it is funny, living here in Mormon country, they will host most of their Halloween celebrations Friday and Saturday since the holiday falls on a Sunday and that’s off-limits to them. They still celebrate it, just not on the Lord’s day. 😄


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