I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling…

While we wait for the snow to come back and hopefully stay awhile, we’ve been getting everything ready for the coming season. Like pulling out the sled and making sure the runners are in good shape (they are, thankfully), getting all our snow gear out of the back of the closets and making sure it all still fits (it does, barely), and exercising the dogs so they are in top shape for running.

They are quite happy to oblige, of course.

I’ve also been checking the local webcams in every direction to see where the snow is and so far, it looks like Big Sky, Montana and over near Stanley, Idaho is holding steady. Unlike my beautiful Tetons which do have snow, but only at the higher elevations.

As I’ve been doing my daily check-ins, I’ve noticed a lot of the horses are spending more time in their pastures after spending the summer working the dude ranches and taking vacationers on trail rides. Whenever we’re out, I love seeing and taking pictures of the local horses. There is just something so majestic about them, especially here with the scenery and everything.

I really miss having our own horses and I really miss the days when we used to go out horseback riding. That was years ago, when the kids were young and long before I became too sick to do such strenuous and dangerous activities.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: but isn’t dog sledding strenuous and dangerous? 🤔

Not really.

Well, not for me, at least.

I do help handle the dogs when we’re putting their harnesses and booties on and hooking them on and off the line and that can be a bit taxing but I just mostly ride in the sled, all bundled up and cozy, taking pictures and video and enjoying the view while the dogs and the hubs do the hard work. I drive the sled on rare occasions, for a few minutes, but just like driving the car, it’s safer for everyone if I am just a passenger these days.

Of course there was that one time I got dumped out onto the icy road when we were first starting out, but in all fairness the pups were still learning (and so were we) and they were a bit maniacal back then when we’d take off!

Here’s a video of those early days.

They are still a bit maniacal when they take off but at least now the hubs and I both know how to handle that initial burst of energy. He rides the brake and I hold on for dear life! 😆

The only time it really becomes a problem for me is if I get too dizzy or when we’re out too long and the vibrating triggers my mast cells to overreact. I’ve come home several times absolutely covered in hives just from the vibration which is no fun. It does take a toll on my body overall and it usually takes me a couple of days to recuperate after a good day of sledding, but it’s totally worth it!

I’ve been making an effort to get into shape myself so I’ve been getting on the treadmill faithfully for the past couple of weeks. I’m up to three quarters of a mile a day now, which is helping a lot. I had to force myself to do it at first, and boy did I pay for it, but now I look forward to going back at it. I love mushing more than I can express so I want to make sure I am up for it.

As much as I love mushing, I do wish I could get back in a saddle and ride horses again, though. I just can’t risk it because I get dizzy and might pass out on the trail, which would not be good. At least in the sled I can lean back and lay almost flat which really helps when the dizzies kick in.

The hubs, being brilliant and all, suggested we take one of the local horse drawn sleigh rides instead so if I get dizzy I can lean on him and still enjoy the ride.

We see them when we’re in Jackson and always say we want to go… someday.

It will have to wait until December, which is when they start offering them, but it will be well worth the wait! And the price isn’t bad, either, much to my surprise.

Nothing to the east of us is ever cheap it seems, but for less than $30 per person for an hour’s ride? That is an absolute rock bottom BARGAIN in these parts!

4 thoughts on “I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling…

  1. It all sounds so exciting in your part of the world and I do envy you the dogs, the sleddingk, the sublime scenery, the horses, the space – above all, the space – and the obvious enjoyment you will get from your snowy winter. I hope with all my heart that you get all you want from the coming period.

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