Adventures in Prepping: Is Today the Day?

It’s brutally cold out there for many of us across the country. We’re sitting close to -40F with the windchill right now and the next 24 hours is going to be deadly cold out there. It’s so cold I’ve brought all the pups in even though huskies are rated for temps as low as -70. I don’t want to have to worry about frostbitten toes or noses.

So of course now I’m sweating because huskies radiate a LOT of heat, which is what kept me alive during my test run I did recently that I blogged about here. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for a day like today, just in case the power goes out on us and doesn’t come back on, and I thought I did pretty well. And I don’t want to find out that today is “THE” day I prepped for, but it’s good to know if it is, I’m ready.

Staying warm is the most important thing and in my case, as long as I keep enough tealight candles on hand and enough food to feed the pups for a few weeks, heat isn’t a problem. With a dozen of them they generate enough to heat the entire upstairs, no doubt, but locked in one or two rooms and soon it’s like a sauna, no matter what the temperature outside is.

And of course there’s the tealight candle flower pot heaters which I’ve made sure we have plenty of on hand. I was just watching another YouTube video on how these work and how well they work, since that’s always a good thing to find out ahead of time.

When you’re relying on a “hack” to save your life, it’s important that it’s going to actually, you know, save your life.

This guy put it to the test so now I feel pretty secure in my prep as far as this goes:

It’s just a super cheap, super easy and relatively safe way to get emergency heating in a pinch.

It’s also important to know that you’re not alone in these situations. We always see dystopian depictions of families or individuals struggling to stay alive all alone in a worst case scenario but in general, the community you live in has plans in place for emergencies and all you’d need to do is look up what those are on your county or state government’s website.

Disaster preparation is something all cities and towns plan for, and even your local church may have a rescue plan and help can be just right around the corner if you need it. We should all find out who to contact and where to go in an emergency or if disaster strikes.

Today could be that day for many of us including me so I’m hopping off here to take my own advice and make a list myself while I (still) have internet!

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