A Day in the Life: Spring Cleanup & Lessons Learned

Yesterday afternoon we spent some time in the yard, mowing and pulling weeds from around the tulips and irises and day lilies which are all coming in so nicely now…

We stopped for lunch and to open the box containing my new watering can I ordered online…

It was way bigger than I expected, which is a good thing, and we both agreed that it was definitely a keeper. We’ve been needing one for the outdoor plants and it’s just perfect.

Next we moved to the gardens, pulling weeds and planting a few more things including the Egyptian walking onions…

I planted them next to the asparagus near the poultry pens and I put them far enough out that the chickens and pheasant can’t stretch their little heads through the fence to reach them.

Hopefully. 😄

The asparagus is all coming back already (yay!) and so are all of the fast growing willow trees lining the back of the property. Last year at this time they were about three feet tall and now they’re about eight feet tall, so by this time next year? Who knows!

All I know is they were a great choice for a living privacy fence back there especially now that the land behind us is filling in with houses.

We cleaned up the dog pens, brushed a couple of the pups out and helped them run their crazies out before settling down to watch some gardening and homesteading videos. We learned why it’s so very important to be extra super careful if you’re going to pressure can your own food, which we’re thinking of doing this year…

And we also learned why you DON’T want to leave the rings on your canning jars once you put them up…

We did a little more research on this and found that even the makers of the canning jars recommend leaving the rings off. Who knew? Hint: not us.

I am so grateful to all these folks who share their wisdom with those of us who are new to homesteading and would prefer not to learn things the hard way.

I learn plenty of other things the hard way. 🤨

Speaking of that, we ended the evening with some homemade chicken and noodles which I started…

…and then the hubs had to finish because I was wiped out from working outside in the sun and also from the humidity in the kitchen!

Whew! It felt like Baton Rouge on a mid summer’s night in there.

Did I mention I learn things the hard way? Well I found out that I can’t run the dehydrator AND the dishwasher AND cook noodles all at the same time. Even with the window open and the fan on. I just about fainted right into the boiling stock pot, which wouldn’t have been a fun way to end our night.

Ah, well. Lesson learned. From now on I think I’ll only run the dehydrator overnight.

Except when I’m doing bananas and strawberries because they smell sooo good! Maybe I’ll just skip doing dishes and cooking on those days. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Spring Cleanup & Lessons Learned

  1. A post with this title should always start out “I read the news today, oh boy …” Anyway, our spring is a few weeks or more behind yours this year although it looks like warmer weather is finally coming our way. And I need to dig out my food dehydrator to see if it still works. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. Haha! I will take note of that for a future title because surely there will be more lessons learned. I am loving dehydrating because for one, it’s much less work and two, it seems much safer than pressure canning. Next week I want to try some beef jerky…

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  2. I don’t like canning, I think I may have mentioned that already! But, I did check into botulism a while back, really looked into it, the studies and the industry standards and how they came about. It’s one of those many health scares that’s unbelievably rare yet somehow managed to change the entire industry. Sometimes one can be too cautious and paranoid. In your case though I would make an exception there, due to your health issue, and be as cautious and paranoid as you wish! 😁

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    1. That’s good to know. My mother loves canning. She’s been doing it for nearly 60 years now and probably with the same pressure cooker. I think she got it from her mother-in-law. My daughter and I help her so we are learning too and will keep the tradition going. Pickles and beans are her regulars but I’m sure she’s canned other things over the years. Lately, she been adding one red hot chili pepper to each quart of dill pickles and they turn out divine!

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      1. I would love to have divine dill pickles! Why do mine never come out crunchy? That’s why I don’t get over my dislike of canning (too hot). If I had a really consistent successful recipe I would get over it, I’m sure. Half the time I go through all that work and feed them to the pigs. Would you care to share any of her tricks for crunchy?? 🙂

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