Easily Distracted

I went out this afternoon with the intention of filling the feeders and collecting seeds, which I did manage to do, but I kept getting distracted by other things.

Like the maple tree which has turned from green to orange to yellow now and looks absolutely stunning.

The crabapple trees also look beautiful right now, with their autumn colors on full display.

The local birds have been feasting on them and the sunflowers while waiting for me to refill their feeders, and have all but stripped them bare…

Which is fine because I did manage to save quite a few heads to dry out a few weeks ago and I got a ton of seeds from them.

The lettuce isn’t quite ready to harvest seeds from yet, it is still working on going to seed so we’ll give it time.

The morning glories, beans, alyssum, pumpkins, peas and corn have all been very generous and I’ve been able to collect plenty from each one for next year’s flower and veggie gardens.

I gave up trying to collect wildflower seeds and just shook them out into the beds hoping that does the trick for next spring. Then I ordered another pound of them to do the pasture with so there should be plenty of those gorgeous blooms next year!

Speaking of flowers, can you believe the daisies are still blooming next to the little pond out front?!

I will not be surprised if they keep going until Thanksgiving at this point! 😮

That maple tree though.

Just.. wow.

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