Criss Cross, Applesauce

Well not quite time for applesauce, yet, but all the criss crossing in the sky the last two days miraculously preceded a good, hearty rain overnight which should help the apples to grow nice and juicy for applesauce later.

So yeah, surprise!

Also interesting and definitely welcome, depending on *what* is in the home made rain, of course. I’m just glad they didn’t trigger more flooding in Yellowstone playing with the weather like that, but I digress. 🤨😆

The rain drove the wasps away, which was also a welcome sight to behold and allowed me to get out there and weed the heck out of the lettuce and onion beds which I’ve neglected because I’m a coward and those beds are filled with murder hornets every time I try to get to them.

I ran out of steam before I could get to the zucchini in the back, but I did notice that two of them were ready to go as I passed by…

I also grabbed a handful of green beans on the way and some strawberries, too…

I know it sounds so cliche, but the food you grow yourself really does taste better. I don’t know if it’s because of how it’s grown or the fact that you’ve poured so much of yourself into the effort that your brain forces you to think it tastes better thus justifying all your labor. 😄

Either way, they are deelicous.

I’m sure everything is as happy as I am to see the rain and the drop in temperature. My red lily seems to be rebounding, thank goodness. I was worried I’d lose it this year.

The wall of willows along the back fence took a hit and are quite sparse but are hanging in there, so I’m watering them daily now instead of 3x weekly to see if that helps. At the size they’re at I shouldn’t need to water more but, again, the HEAT. Urgghhh.

Apparently it doesn’t seem to bother my lettuce and onions, despite my only being able to get about 1/4 way into weeding their beds before it kicked my butt back inside.

With all the rain, now the heat just makes it muggy and stifling and…

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir at this point. I hope you guys are all staying cool and safe. 🥰

3 thoughts on “Criss Cross, Applesauce

  1. May I have some strawberries please? A friend has just returned from France and brought me a pot of my favourite Creme Fraiche de Isigny which would be just perfect with your berries. And food you row yourself always tastes better, the main reason being it arrives at the table straight from the garden with no time spent in transit or sitting in store-rooms.

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    1. Time in transit, no doubt! As true as that is, cause folks way underestimate how long their food called ‘fresh’ has sat around for weeks, still, there’s other issues too. We rarely get produce at the grocery store anymore, but we bought some on sale items last week, huge peppers and tomatoes for really cheap. They were gorgeous looking, and totally tasteless. Large, uniform, colorful and bland, whereas what we grow in the garden is rarely uniform, and often much smaller, but full of fragrance and taste.

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