No End in Sight

After watching them criss cross the sky again last night I was hoping to wake up to a surprise rainfall overnight, but alas, it was dry as a bone and I was forced to go move sprinklers around and irrigate the beds. I worked as quick as I could because it was getting hot faster than usual, which makes sense since the forecast is calling for a high of 98F today.

It’s 93F right now as I type this, so we should get there. I keep popping out to do what needs to be done as fast as I can and then run back inside to the AC.


Honestly, with as delicate as I am in this heat and the fact that I’m in charge of this operation, it’s really a miracle that any of us are still alive, isn’t it? 😄

While I was out there I checked and the strawberries are almost ripe so I added some fresh straw in after I weeded…

The pumpkins were just packed with more flowers, which makes me so happy…

The cornish cross are getting big, some far more than the others!

This guy is an absolute brute! He should make for a nice, fat roaster soon. Yumm.

Speaking of chicken, I am going to make a homemade chicken pot pie and will share my recipe so watch for that this week. I’ll probably be focusing on more inside stuff since it’s SO DANG HOT OUT THERE!!!

I wish there was an end in sight to these high temps, but alas, nope.

How about where you live? 🤔

6 thoughts on “No End in Sight

  1. So, so hot and so, so dry! No doubt it is manufactured drought. The heavy metal particulates in the air scatter the sunlight making it hotter and the aluminum and other metals act as dessicants in the soil. We are watering every day and spending a lot of time inside. :(. Luckily we’re still getting goodies from the garden and the critters seem ok. 🙂

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      1. What I first started to notice once the heavy spray started here years ago was that even right after the rain, the soil in the garden beds was very quickly dry. Our skies are at a maximum saturation point now all the time, you can see the metallic particles in the air, kind of like static. They don’t need to spray more in our case, it’s pumped in from the gulf coast in ship tracks and other pollution. So disgusting, the sky looks like sparkling, filthy haze all the time.

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      2. I was just saying the other day that our soil dries out so dang fast this year but of course the heat can do that. Still, I do not put it past them to be lacing the ground with incendiaries so they can light us up when it’s convenient to run us into their new “eco friendly” cities.

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