Keeping Pace

I have a lot on my plate but I’m doing a fairly good job of pacing myself and that helps. I find if I keep a certain routine, like three cups of coffee before a cool, refreshing morning shower to help wake me up followed by an hour or two outside followed by another twelve cups of coffee…

Okay it’s not quite like that, but pretty close to accurate.

Today I am mostly just moving sprinklers around because it’s quite windy again and I don’t like to work in the wind. It makes me nervous for some reason. Maybe the thought of being done in by a neighbor’s flying trampoline, I don’t know. 🤔😄

While I’m out there, I’ll check to see how my rosemary and basil fared overnight after I transplanted them out in one of the long, skinny beds near the chicken coop yesterday.

They should be happier there than in my kitchen which can’t offer the same amount of natural sunlight or fresh air that the garden beds can. Hopefully they’ll thrive and fill in that area and give me a nice little harvest. Not to mention elbow out the weeds.

Hopefully once everything grows and fills in everywhere else there will be less weeding in general and more time to tackle projects, like painting the antique cart. I decided to make it a priority because, well, I just can’t wait to see it done! I still have the stencil I bought to put on the sides…

And I went ahead and ordered the cottage yellow paint I want to use on it. Next, I need to order the canvas top and some brown spray paint for the stencil. I may gradiate it and use browns and blues, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, the cart is working brilliantly as a potting station and I really want to just fix it up to make it even more user friendly so I have a few ideas for that, too. For now, the underneath is cleaned out so I can set my flower pots down during windy days and overnight, just in case the neighborhood trouble makers decide to knock them down overnight.

We do get some raccoons and that pair of squirrels is still around, so, yeah. Better to be safe than sorry!

In other news, I’m going to do a bit of driving this afternoon with my son as passenger. That’s the rule since I only have a learner’s permit and I have to have someone with me until I can take the skills test and I want to do that in the car but it needs a new water pump first so… in the meantime, I am like a teenager who is just learning to drive. Except I have decades of experience and am only just getting back behind the wheel after a couple year hiatus!

So it’s a bit strange, as you can imagine.

I’m not even sure where I’m going to go, but I definitely want to go somewhere scenic and less populated, just to ease my way back onto the roads. These other drivers are crazy! Well, some are so I’ll try to avoid other humans as much as possible until I’m comfortable being behind the wheel again. Which shouldn’t take long, I always loved driving before. I’m pretty excited to have that part of my life back, too.

With that said, I better get a move on. The day is already ticking away! 🌄

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