What the Hay?

I love that saying for some reason but not when it can be applied literally, which is what seems to be happening with these seedling trays I was so excited about earlier!

After working outside for a bit I came in to check on them and started to notice something rather odd…

It’s a little hard to make out in this picture but can you see the difference between the tall, grassy looking seedlings and the itty bitty ones right next to them in the same cell?

I found these same tall, single bladed monsters growing up all across my trays and these suckers are growing FAST!

They look suspiciously like the alfalfa that plants itself when we use straw as mulch which really makes me mad because this soil was brand new and it’s Miracle Grow garden soil. Not the cheap stuff!

Well, it was cheaper than their potting soil, but still.

I don’t think I did anything to contaminate the soil and the planting trays were brand new out of the package, too, so hmmm. 🤔

It’s really easy to tell the difference between the whatever-these-are and my daintier seedlings, like the alyssum.

I plucked all of them out right away so the flowers have a chance to grow without being drown out by whatever these are.

It’s frustrating, but if I stay on top of them and weed them out, it should be fine. I just have to stay diligent because again, they are growing incredibly fast! Like a weed.

If I let them go too long, they’ll overtake my flowers and herbs and I don’t want that…

Who would have thought I’d have to weed my seeds? 😂

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