Morning Glorious

I had both a lovely surprise and a not so lovely one while doing my morning rounds today. The morning glories I planted in the barrel with the girl frame are finally starting to bloom! The plant itself isn’t very big yet and I almost didn’t notice them because all the other flowers are just so beautiful right now.

The day lilies are still in full bloom…

There are wildflowers popping up in expected and unexpected places…

The potted geraniums are still flowering (as long as I keep nipping the dead stuff off)…

I fed the chickens and collected eggs and only spotted the lone flower in the barrel as well as one on the other morning glories out front next to where I turn on the water spigot…

I’d forgotten I’d even planted these ones there! I was so excited that I immediately made my way over and started pulling the weeds around them and didn’t notice what was right above me until it was almost too late…

Yep, I came face-to-face with death (yet again) and lived to blog about it…

Whew. The wasps weren’t very happy that I was disturbing their new house, and since I am deathly allergic I slowly backed away and then ran inside like a scared child.

Off to make more wasp killer juice now! 😣

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