Morning Views

Every day brings a renewed sense of hope for me. I know that sounds so cliche, but I wake up most mornings grateful to still be here and grateful for this life that my sweet husband has selflessly provided for me.

I love nothing more than a good cup of coffee, the sunrise over the Tetons out my window, and bird watching in the mornings with my pups…

Sometimes I stay in bed and watch the sunrise over the Tetons from the various live cameras positioned all around us and if it’s a particularly good one, I’ll do a screengrab (like the featured image on this post) or grab my own camera and try to get some shots of it from my limited view here on this side of the mountains.

This morning it was just me and Lola as everyone else went outside to get their crazies out. She loves bird watching as much as I do to the point that I have to be careful opening the little side windows to hear the birds singing because she will try to head right out to them.

Not for a closer view, mind you. Lola loves to hunt birds more than she likes to watch them. 😄

Lucky for the mama robin, she built her nest in the pine tree just outside the window in a way that if you aren’t really looking, you won’t see her at all.

I know right where to look and she sees me, I’m sure. We often catch each other’s eye and I wonder sometimes if she and her other feathered friends love people watching as much as I like watching them.

After all, why else would she choose THAT spot to build her nest?

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