Hazy Days

The smoke rolled into the valley yesterday afternoon. It’s coming down from Canada and is still hanging thick in the air. It is supposed to clear out tomorrow, if the wind cooperates. It’s the only time I root for wind here in southeast Idaho. 😄

Before it came and forced me back inside where it’s safe(r), I was able to get a lot done. The pumpkin seeds are in, and the cucumbers, too. I finished potting up the flowers and ran out of potting soil with the last one, so that worked out.

The annuals compliment all these perennials which are juuuust starting to emerge. The tulips are still coming in succession because we planted early, middle and late bloomers.

The lilacs are starting…

And the apple tree blossoms are just beautiful…

I’m looking forward to the wisteria, hydrangeas and roses I planted to fill in and join in the bloom fest. Hopefully by then the smoke will have cleared so I can breathe out there! 😄

2 thoughts on “Hazy Days

  1. rjoiner2021

    My daughter and her husband live in Calgary, Alberta and they say the air quality is very poor. My apologies for sending Canadian smoke your way. It is not our intent to make you uncomfortable.

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